Jul 20, 2012

Photo Slideshow

This is a slideshow on my YouTube Channel, all these pictures are made with my Pentax K-5 DSLR

Enjoy :D

Jun 28, 2012

Katwijk KRB

The Coastguard of Katwijk Aan Zee had a training

Jun 21, 2012


Some people fear a thunderstorm. Some even hate it. But I ?.. I love it! It makes great pictures :D

Jun 11, 2012

Urban exploration :)

These are some old places in Noordwijk, like these little farms owned by people, some are abandoned, lets take a look.... 

Sun set


Farm still in use

Looks neat

Abandoned shed

Heat lamp

Snail feeding of cat food


Mar 29, 2012


Finally we had some snow this winter. Here are the pictures :) 



Jan 25, 2012

I want snow!!

These two pictures are from last year's snow, why isn't it snowing this year!?  In snow the landscape seems always so special.

Snow horses


Jan 4, 2012

B/W Photographs Leiden

These are some pictures from Leiden in a rainy day. enjoy watching.


Wet Bike

Thanks for watching! Contact me if you like more!
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