Aug 25, 2011

Paris: part eight

This will be the final post about my trip to Paris with my girlfriend
I had a total of 8 parts! It sums up 4 days and 3 nights.

We visited the Catacombs of Paris, the underground cemetery holds the remains of about 6 million people! This was very special to see, and believe me it stinks...

Before this we already checked out of our hotel. so we didn't have to go back to the hotel and see 
some more interesting stuff on our way back to Gare Du Nord.

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Wating 2 hours to get in!!

Walking underground

Carved out building

Blue water

White and black obelisks

Silhouette of me


Walking trough skulls


photographing                                      skull

Pile of bones

Mossy skulls

Smashed skull

Cross of skulls

So much skulls and bones

A skull pillar!

The end

Under paris

Holy Church

Church candels

 Church chairs

Paris Metro

People praying in the church

How you doing' 

Church decorations

Church atmosphere

Indood church fence and; On our way to Gare Du Nord

 Gift shop


prop Helicopter


Mini bucets

Metro station 

Full metro, so we had to wait... 3 minutes!

Gare Du Nord

Gare Du Nord 2

Gare Du Nord Thalys!

Parting Gare Du Nord 

Hope you enjoyed all the 8 series!!

More to come in the future!

Aug 16, 2011

Paris: part seven

So this is part seven already of my pictures of Paris, but I can tell you it's not the last ;)

These picture are taken in Les Invalides in Paris. the site is enormous and it houses the grave of Napoleon. There is some really beautiful architectural builds around!

And some pictures of the Eiffel tower, wile we bought a ticket for a tour bout trip!

Beautiful ceiling of Les Invalides

The site is just massive!

Unde this circle lies Napoleons grave

Napoleons grave

Tourist taking pictures of Napoleons grave

Beautiful artwork

Side view of Napoleons grave

 Les Invalides

Watching at Napoleons grave

Walking down to Napoleons grave

Statues near the grave

Caved out 


Taking a look

The garden of Les Invalides and the top of the dome on Napoleons Grave

Les Invalides garden



Little tower

Close to the Eiffel

The base of the Eiffel


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