Jul 27, 2011


It's our last 24hours in paris. Yesterday we visited the Louvre building, and then we walked to the champs elysee, it's a realy long walk straight to the Arch de Triomphe. but what a great view you have up there over the city :D

We took a metro to the Notre-dame, it's alright and a great church  to visit. It was getting late so we agreed to take a restaurant and had a good meal.

The sun was setting when we took of to the biggest landmark, the Eiffel tower, since it was dark the tower was beautiful lit. when we got in the lift the view was even better. Our lift stopped at the 2th stop. And I have never seen such a nice view at night over a city, everything was lit.

today; boat trip & catacombs & ??

My pictures are coming when I get home to post process them :d See you!


  1. Ah, Paris. It's a lovely place. I've been to the catacombs myself... That was an interesting and amazing experience.

  2. Nice trip, I would love to visit Europe

  3. Oh, I envy you so much.
    I always wanted to go to Paris. Never been, though. :S
    Until then, I'm looking forward to your pics! ;)

  4. i am very jealous. i hear that Paris is great. Would love to see more pics. +follow

  5. I have always wanted to have a vacation in Paris... and all over Europe... I really love all the history so visible over there...

  6. Great pics man, +follow

  7. Great view of the Eiffel Tower, very nice picture
    Hoping to visit Europe soon as well

  8. That is a beautiful picture!


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